If your ZOOM Effects floor remote pedalboard no longer responds or does not respond reliably when the buttons are pressed it likely needs new switches. I have seen quite a few of these switches fail, even in footboards that look new. This service replaces all of these switches regardless of their current condition.

This repair service covers foot remotes for 90's generation ZOOM effects including floor remote models 9002F, FC-01, FC02, and FC-50. Contact me if you have a similar ZOOM pedal I did not list; if it has failed switches I can likely replace them.

While most of the issues I have encountered have been the tactile switches, I have seen a few footboards with bad EPROM which I cannot fix. If your pedal happens to have an issue such as bad EPROM, there is no charge for the bench test, you will only be responsible for the return shipping cost.

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ZOOM foot board remote switch repair service for FC01 FC02 FC50 9002F

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  • $40.00

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